Activities for Dementia Patients

Keeping Activities for Dementia Engaging One of the challenging aspects of living with a loved one who has dementia is coming up with activities that are engaging, fun and easy to do. Having [...]

How to Stay Mentally Strong

Staying Mentally Strong Do people really get wiser as they age? Wisdom is hard to define; but is considered by most to be a combination of knowledge, experience and good judgement. Maybe wisdom [...]

Knowing The Causes of Depression

Grief And The Causes of Depression It’s often hard to know the causes of depression and how to know where grief ends and depression begins. I started thinking about all of the many [...]

Unique Risks for Evacuating Seniors

The Risks for Evacuating Seniors. If you found yourself evacuating for Irma a couple weeks ago, and if you are of senior age or were responsible for evacuating an elderly loved one, you [...]

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Is Here! The Walk to End Alzheimer’s comes to Savannah every fall and it’s your chance to do the most actionable thing you can to fight [...]

“The Benefits of In Home Care”

Ask most people who are aging where they want to live out the rest of their life and they will be quick to tell you, “in my home”. Few folks ever plan to leave their home as they get up in years, [...]

“Understanding Advance Directives”

Adding Clarity To Advance Directives Understanding Advance Directives can be an intimidating task. Because of this, people ask me all the time what types of forms are the most-important to have [...]

“The Exercise Cure”

The Wonder of Exercise For Seniors A recent Time Magazine headline caught my eye: “The Exercise Cure”.  This is something I’ve been touting for years. That exercise is great medicine for the body [...]

“The Importance of Home Care”

A man by the name of Arthur L. Williams Jr. went from being a P.E. teacher and high school football coach in Columbus, Georgia, to a mega star in the insurance world, and beyond; writing an [...]

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